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May 2019: Licensed 'Supercollider' for short film produced in Italy. Further details to be announced.

April 2019: Artwork being done for limited release vinyl edition of Joy Plan B.

Jan 2019: Working on a smaller EP of electroacoustic pieces.

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Dec 2018: Final touches on the masters and artwork for 'Joy Plan B'. Release date is Dec 31st 2018, available on iTunes, Spotify and streaming services. A limited edition vinyl and cassette releases are being worked on. See the release page for details You can listen for free to the pre-release at Bandcamp and CDBaby.

Nov 2018: Final arrangements and mixes for the new release. After a year and some heavy culling it's sounding seriously good.

Jan 2018: Started work on 'Joy Plan B' after rebuilding the studio, and moving to UA hardware and a much faster iMac. This project features a lot on Moog and OB6, with field samples layered in there.